Hard Core Specklebelly Goose Floater Decoys with Bag ? 6 Pack

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Place some Specklebelly Goose Floater Decoys out on the water to completely fool wary and elusive geese. ArmorCoat™ paint creates a natural look that will trick geese from any angle. The DuraMold™ bodies are designed to last in harsh conditions through several hunting seasons. With WhaleTail™ keels for realistic movement, you’ll have no problem attracting geese with Hard Core™ Specklebelly Goose Floater Decoys.




Specklebelly goose shells

ArmorCoat™ paint is durable and provides natural coloring

DuraMold™ bodies are designed to last in tough conditions

WhaleTail™ keels allow decoys to ride evenly in water

Weighted keels help decoys move realistically in a slight current

Includes 2 super sentries, 2 sentries, 1 semi sentry, 1 feeder, and 6-slot carrying bag

Brand: Hard Core

Style: 01-103-0019

Country of Origin: Imported