Hot Wheels STUNT & GO Hauler with 10 Vehicles

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Hot Wheels STUNT & GO Hauler with 10 Vehicles
This awesome rig holds up to 19 cars, but look again, this is no ordinary hauler, this is a MOBILE PLAYSET - the first ever hauler with a loop! Snap the two sides of the loop in place and swing out the collapsible launcher, then pull the cab at the front to create a dramatic jump. Launch through the loop and land the jump over and over again, or add additional track for an even longer jump. The Stunt & Go™ Mobile play set is totally portalbe for stunting action anywhere, anytime! Fold the entire play set back up, load your cars in the truck bed and roll off until your next Hot Wheels® stunt show.

Recommended Age: 6+ Years

  • 10 Hot Wheels vehicles
  • Hot Wheels Hauler with Playset

  • The Hot Wheels® traveling stunt show; pull up, pop open and perform EPIC stunts.
  • Pull the truck from both ends to reveal a thrilling Hot Wheels® stunt set.
  • Adjustable, 4-speed launcher sends Hot Wheels® cars through the big loop and onto the track!
  • This epic hauler holds up to 19 cars, includes one Hot Wheels® car and it’s an authentic loop and play set, too!
  • Dimensions: 20” x 3.75” X 12.5”
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs.
  • Made in China

  • Mobile Playset Hauler
  • Includes 10 Hot Wheels Vehicles
  • Hauler Holds Up to 19 Vehicles
  • Features a Loop & Launcher