Rinehart Doloma Antelope Decoy

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Put minimal work into drawing out antelope by letting your decoy do the work for you with the Doloma Antelope Decoy. With a hand-sculpted design, this decoy gives you unmatched realism and lifelike movements in the slightest breeze to mimic natural antelope movement. The ultra-quiet foam allows for quiet movement in the wind and easy setup when you’re on the move. Let the antelope come to you by setting up the Rinehart® Doloma Antelope Decoy.




Lifelike antelope decoy

Hand-sculpted design for unmatched realism

Compact, easy-carry build

Ultra-quiet Rinehart® foam for silent movement

Multiple ground stake mounting points

Naturally moves with slight winds to mimic normal antelope movement

Includes quiet carry bag

Dimensions: 49”L x 29.25”H

Simulated weight: 135 lbs

Actual weight: 9 lbs

Model: 48011